Actalin Balm

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  • Chest Congestion
  • Headache
  • Cold & Flu


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Actalin Balm is a therapeutic cold & Flu medication containing medicinal vapors. Levomenthol, an ingredient in Actalin Blam, has mild cooling and decongestant qualities that helps to calm cough and reduce lung congestion. Eucalyptus oil, camphor, turpentine oil, and clove oil are other ingredients in Actalin Balm that aid in reducing pain and inflammation. Once an Actalin Balm has been applied to the skin, it may provide warmth that might assist in relieving pain.

Therapeutic Category: Cold & Flu preparations
Dosage Form: Balm
Pack Size: 19gm

Provides Relief From;

  • Cold & Flu
  • Chest Congestion &
  • Headache

Each Jar Contains;

Eucalyptus Oil = 1.5 gm
Camphor =  1.75 gm
Turpentine Oil = 0.5 gm
Clove Oil = 1 gm
Levomenthol = 5 gm.


For External Use Only:
Apply directly on chest, throat or nose.
For immediate relief, add one teaspoon of Actalin Balm in hot water and inhale vapours deeply
Use 3-4 times a day

Additional information


Adhatoda Vasica Ext 50 mg, Glyeyrrhiza Glabra Ext 25 mg, Piper Longum Ext 20 mg, Viola Odorata Ext 5 mg, Hyssopusofficinalis Ext 10 mg, Alpinia Galangal ext 10 mg, Cordia Latifolia Ext 20 mg, Zizyphus Jujube Ext 20 mg, Althea Officinalis Ext 20 mg, Onosmabracteatum Ext 20 mg


It helps to relief of occasional minor irritation, It helps to Purifies Blood

5 reviews for Actalin Balm

  1. anonymous

    actalin Balm perfect hai jis ko medicines lene se allergy hai

  2. Bushra

    Aaj k dour mae traditional ingredients or who bhi organic hon buhat kam log dekhne ko milte hain, you guys are doing so good in this field. Love ur actalin balm

  3. anonymous

    The pack size is perfect for travelers.

  4. Shireen

    Actalin Balm has provided support to me during this cold and flu season.

  5. Nida

    I highly recommend it to anyone with cold or flu symptoms

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