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Actalin Inhaler

  • Cold and flu inhaler
  • Therapeutic vapor relief
  • Levomenthol decongestant
  • Chest congestion inhalation
  • Headache relief inhaler

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Breathe Easy with Actalin Inhaler for Cold & Flu Relief

Therapeutic Vapor for Quick Relief

Experience the soothing power of Actalin Inhaler, a therapeutic cold and flu medication designed to provide rapid relief. Infused with medicinal vapors, our inhaler offers targeted relief from common cold symptoms, including chest congestion and headaches. Let the gentle vapors of levomenthol, eucalyptus oil, camphor, turpentine oil, and clove oil work their magic, calming coughs, reducing lung congestion, and alleviating pain and inflammation for a breath of fresh air.

Cooling Comfort with Levomenthol

Unwind with the cooling sensation of levomenthol, a key ingredient in Actalin Inhaler known for its mild decongestant properties. Feel the refreshing relief as levomenthol calms coughs and eases lung congestion, helping you breathe easier with every inhale. Embrace the comforting coolness that penetrates deep into your respiratory system, offering instant relief from the discomfort of cold and flu symptoms.

Versatile Relief for Various Symptoms

Say goodbye to the discomfort of colds and flu with Actalin Inhaler’s versatile benefits. Whether you’re battling chest congestion, a pounding headache, or general cold symptoms, our inhaler provides targeted relief where you need it most. Simply apply it to the skin for warmth that aids in relieving pain, allowing you to tackle your day with renewed vitality and comfort.

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Actalin Inhaler
PKR 90.00
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