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Eprose Softgel Jar


  • Eprose may reduce breast discomfort.
  • It might relieve eczema.
  • It might help in lowering high blood pressure.


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Nourishing Skin Health with Eprose Softgel

Skin Revival and Moisture Retention

Eprose Softgel is a potent blend enriched with evening primrose oil, meticulously crafted to rejuvenate and sustain your skin’s natural radiance. Dive into a world where every softgel encapsulates a promise of restored moisture, enhancing the skin’s suppleness. Infused with nourishing properties, it fortifies the skin’s protective layer, locking in moisture to reveal a luminous, hydrated complexion. Discover the rejuvenating embrace of evening primrose oil, supporting your skin’s vitality with each application.

Empowering Women’s Wellness

Experience holistic well-being with Eprose Softgel, tailored to champion women’s health. Embrace the comprehensive nutritional support specially designed to alleviate the challenges of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Seamlessly integrate this supplement into your routine to embrace the comfort and relief it offers during times of hormonal fluctuations. Elevate your wellness journey and rediscover balance with a supplement that understands and supports your body’s needs.

Strengthening Immune Resilience

Beyond nurturing skin health and catering to women’s wellness, Eprose Softgel extends its benefits to fortify your immune system. Embrace a supplement that not only enriches your skin but also aids in supporting your body’s defense mechanism. With its unique composition, it contributes to the reinforcement of your immune system, promoting a robust shield against external stressors. Feel the confidence of inner strength as you navigate through life’s daily challenges.

Additional information

Dosage Guideline

1-2 capsule a day or as advised

Composition: Each Softgel Contains

Evening Primrose Oil (BP) 500 mg

Pack Size

30 Softgels


Softgel Capsule

Eprose Softgel Jar
PKR 749.00
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