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Fartime Capsule Blister

  • Male fertility support
  • Enhance vitality
  • Reproductive health supplement
  • Male wellness
  • Natural fertility booster

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Revitalization of Vitality: Male Fertility Unlocked

The power of Fartime to support your journey towards optimal male fertility is experienced through its expertly crafted blend of key nutrients.

Natural Enhancement of Male Fertility

Fartime is formulated with ingredients specifically chosen to support male reproductive health, with vital aspects of male fertility enhanced by nutrients like Tribulus Terrestris, Tongkat Ali, and Ginseng Extract.

Amplification of Vitality and Vigor

Your vitality and virility are fueled by Fartime, with each capsule packed with essential vitamins and minerals, including Zinc Sulphate, Taurine, and a range of B vitamins and Vitamin E. Energy production, stamina, and overall vitality are promoted by these nutrients working synergistically.

Empowerment of Your Wellness Journey

Taking proactive steps towards maintaining your general well-being is facilitated by Fartime. Beyond its targeted support for male fertility, overall health and vitality are contributed to by this supplement. Incorporating Fartime into your daily routine ensures that you are investing in your long-term wellness, allowing you to embrace life’s adventures with confidence.

Additional information

Weight 765 kg
Dimensions 0.2 cm
Dosage Guideline

2 capsules Daily

Composition: Each Capsule Contains

Tribulus Terrestris 250 mg
Gingseng Extract 30 mg
Tongkat Ali 30 mg
Zinc Sulphate 30 mg
Taurine 25 mg
Sodium Selenite 50 mcg
Vitamin B1 2.5 mg
Vitamin B2 2.5 mg
Vitamin B6 2.5 mg
Vitamin E 50 mg

Pack Size

20 Capsules



Fartime Capsule Blister
PKR 900.00
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